The Tie That Binds: CONCLUSIONS


Studies are underway on yoked forms of the other glycoprotein hormones, as well as intersubunit disulfide-linked LH and FSH, and it will be interesting to ascertain similarities and differences. Likewise, studies on yoked LH-LHR, FSH-FSHR, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)-TSHR, along with the various heterologous forms, e.g., yoked hCG-FSHR, should prove highly informative in elucidating structure-function relationships of the various members of the glycoprotein hormones and then-cognate receptors. buy flovent inhaler

It is anticipated that the yoked forms of gonadotropins and gonadotropin-receptor complexes will prove extremely useful in delineating the major determinants and mechanisms of ligand binding and ligand-mediated transmembrane signaling. Also, the yoked and intersubunit disulfide-linked gonadotropins should prove efficacious in human clinical use and animal reproduction; if nothing else, their enhanced stability should be a bonus for increased shelf-life and perhaps metabolic half-life. Lastly, our findings also support the concept that a biologically active mini-gonadotropin, designed for example with hCGfJ peptides or peptides from both subunits, is feasible.

Category: Gonadotropin

Tags: Biologically Active Single-Chain Human, Chorionic Gonadotropins, Protein