The impact of shared care on children with cancer:PATIENTS AND METHODS (part 2)


Each focus group meeting followed a set format, used identical questions to stimulate discussion and was facilitated by the same investigator (KM). Sessions were audio-taped, and discussion lasted until everyone indicated that everything that needed to be said had been said.
Throughout the following questions, we would like each of you to ‘think back’ and remember how these issues affected you and your family. A pharmacy you can fully trust offering -> levitra super active plus along with other convenient services.

Initial diagnosis:

• What do you recall about your initial hospital experience?
• Can you tell us how situations surrounding your child’s illness were dealt with?
• Can you recall how information was communicated at this time?
• What support did you receive during the initial diagnosis? Maintenance treatment:
• What are the positive and negative aspects of shared care?
• Can you tell us about your experiences in your community hospital?
• What services are provided to you and your child in your community hospital?
• Who can you talk to for information?

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