The impact of shared care on children with cancer: RESULTS (part 7)

Furthermore, while individual care providers were spoken of very highly, there was never any indication that parents were aware of a team of professionals being there for them. There was an earnest desire on the part of most, if not all, to be able to pass on their learning and experience to others, and to spare those coming after them from some of the frustrations and anxieties that they had encountered.They were not aware of any mechanism or process by which they could be of service. Interestingly, these parents were not saying that the system should be doing a better job or that their nurses, doctors or social workers were at fault, but they wished there had been a network through which they could have had access to other parents.

While local, regional and national services are available to these people, focus group participants had little to say about the usefulness of these resources and groups, and had little or no knowledge of their existence. There is work to be done, and these parents were eager to be involved. You finally have a choice and can find yourself a perfectly reliable pharmacy to shop with for best medications available: puchase antibiotics online and see how quick and easy it could be to spend less money.

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