The impact of shared care on children with cancer: RESULTS (part 6)

In terms of training for the parents, the call was for information about what parents needed to know in order to navigate and negotiate the first few days and weeks in the larger centre, and how to make the return to the home hospital. Equally important was the call for ways in which these parents could connect with each other without having to depend on the accidental meeting a few weeks or months into the process.Families would often spend a significant amount of time in southern Ontario before meeting another family from northwestern Ontario. They would have liked to have had information about how to protect their child, without being overly protective, such as what foods to avoid and what situations require immediate attention. Similarly, they would like to be able to pass on their knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, while individual care providers were spoken of very highly, there was never any indication that parents were aware of a team of professionals being there for them. There was an earnest desire on the part of most, if not all, to be able to pass on their learning and experience to others, and to spare those coming after them from some of the frustrations and anxieties that they had encountered. Buy cheap drugs online fast – buy cheap antibiotics for you to enjoy a reliable pharmacy.

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