The impact of shared care on children with cancer: RESULTS (part 3)

In other words, it was not unusual for parents to arrive home and meet with the local paediatrician or family doctor before that physician had received a written report from southern Ontario. This placed an added burden on the family to become ‘an expert in the field’ since they often needed to provide a report on the status of their child and the treatment received elsewhere. With today’s capacity for electronic mail it was wondered why the conveyance of clinical notes could not be accomplished much more rapidly.The final communication issue arose when parents spoke of needing to take their child to the local hospital for emergency attention. Some learned along the way to bypass emergency, go directly to the ward and be very insistent, if not aggressive, in making things happen for their child. This highlighted a second contrast between the specialized centres and the local hospitals.
Although local medical people had been initially concerned and eager to get the young patient to southern Ontario, there were not the same awareness and uniform sense of caution and urgency when returning to the local hospital for attention. Each parent learned early that it was essential that they become their child’s advocate and not rely on ‘the system’ to take care of everything. Parents spoke of having to insist that because their child was ‘on treatment’, and that they could not wait until morning to access the local paediatrician or family physician to deal with complications such as a high temperature. One parent commented that he would simply say, “phone paediatrics, they know who she is … just phone.” Another said, “I told her, you have to do blood work, we have to find out what her counts are.” Again, no particular blame was ever assigned but there was an awareness that improvements needed to be made. Looking for most efficient drugs for sale? Then you have got to buy female viagra at the pharmacy of your dream *right now, especially since it’s ready and waiting for you to make this perfectly right choice.

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