The impact of shared care on children with cancer: RESULTS (part 2)

Theme number two: The second theme to emerge consistently across all three groups was that communication was a problem right from the very beginning. There were three components to this theme.

While no fault was found with any one individual or group of care providers, there was an awareness that the system needs to be changed, and gaps in service need to be identified and addressed.
Parents spoke of the tremendous amount of information that was provided and that they were expected to assimilate. It was almost impossible to take it all in and remember it for future reference.

In the days and weeks to follow they would learn how the system worked, where to go for less expensive food, how best to travel and make expense claims, and how to access medical care quickly, but they would learn these things from other parents. The lack of practical information about day-to-day necessities was felt to be most problematic and, as a result, numerous recommendations were made for written practical material to be presented in a readily accessible and user-friendly fashion. Cheapest medications available at best pharmacy that you are free to try yourself! The best place to order *female viagra online and be sure you are offered finest quality medications right from their actual manufacturers, which you do not get that often these days.

The transfer of information between the local physicians and those providing the treatment in southern Ontario was another area of concern related to communication. While there was a general consensus that there was a high level of cooperation between paediatricians and oncologists, and that family physicians could also be involved in the ongoing care of the patient and family, there was concern that the accurate and timely transfer of information between centres was too dependent on the particular physician and on the ability of the parents to stay on top of things.

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