The impact of shared care on children with cancer: RESULTS (part 1)

RESULTS (part 1)

A number of recurrent issues and concerns emerged from the focus groups, and although there was remarkable consistency among the three groups, each made its own contribution and had something to say that was not echoed by the other two groups. Five common main themes were extracted from the transcripts.
Theme number one: The first theme to emerge related to a sense of being overwhelmed. Parents spoke at length of being unprepared for the speed and urgency that followed diagnosis. They spoke of reacting with shock and disbelief, and were amazed at how quickly they found themselves in another city and an unknown hospital, talking to complete strangers about a life-threatening situation. One could still hear the horror in their voices as they recounted their experiences and the sense of panic that comes from finding oneself in ‘foreign territory’. The diagnosis itself was devastating and was immediately followed by a barrage of rapidly communicated information concerning what was to be done so that the child could immediately be transferred to southern Ontario. Visit the best pharmacy that thousands of international customers already chose to be their favorite one and see how easy it can be for you to get that generic vardenafil online in the amount required for your treatment spending a lot less money than otherwise.

Arrival in the larger city was also overwhelming, as was the quick and dramatic immersion into the new hospital environment and the loss of personal control. The stress and strain on the individuals involved, on the family unit, and on the wider circle of extended family and friends was something that became unbearable at times, manageable at other times, but always present and seemingly never-ending. The loss of emotional and social support due to the physical separation from family and community was something felt very deeply by everyone.

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