The impact of shared care on children with cancer: DISCUSSION (part 4)

While some would argue that shared care needs to be better matched and that communication needs to be improved considerably, others might argue that there will always be differences between large and small centres, and that the care providers need to put greater effort into preparing and assisting parents in making these necessary adjustments.

The task at hand is to determine whether gaps exist because information is not available, or whether it is available but not accessible at crucial points. The present work suggests that information does exist and that people who have been through the experience are eager to share their knowledge and provode emotional support, in ways only they can. The formal system may be falling short only to the extent that it has yet to identify and develop a local team of paediatric oncology specialists and has failed to embrace the existing informal systems of support. Best quality medications: you can buy ortho tri-cyclen online any time from the best pharmacy that you can fully trust, not having to doubt the decision you made at any point of your day.

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