The impact of shared care on children with cancer and their families: part 2

The Thunder Bay Regional Hospital in Thunder Bay, Ontario is not a tertiary site for paediatric oncology care. Local paediatricians follow protocols as initiated by paediatric oncologists at one of the tertiary teaching hospital facilities in southern Ontario. Historically, the referring Thunder Bay paediatrician has taken over from the family physician in providing the local care of the child.The care of the child then rests primarily with the paediatric oncologist at the teaching hospital in southern Ontario with some treatment and ongoing follow-up care being provided by the local paediatrician. Family physicians’ ongoing involvement also provides much needed support to parents.

The purpose of this study was to identify the various features of current paediatric oncology practice as viewed by families with children receiving care in both the northwestern and southern parts of the province (shared care). Aitken and Hathaway looked specifically at the distance factor associated with having to travel to receive treatment, and clearly stated a need to identify and address the special concerns of parents who live long distances from treatment centres. Start online shopping right now and see how great it feels to know you are saving more money than you are spending: all that is possible whenever you purchase cialis online at the best pharmacy you can actually choose yourself right now.

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