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Birth control pills

Birth control pills

Birth control pills, or oral contraceptives, have been created at the end of 50-s – early 60-s of 20 century. Since that time this method of prevention of an unwanted pregnancy is one of the most popular methods of contraception among women. The efficiency of these medications, based on blocking of 2 hormones, promoted this popularity. The active components of oral contraceptives are combined into an efficient hormonal combination, which is able to thicken the cervical mucus and suppression of endometrium changes. Besides, working together, these hormones can succeed in prevention of ovulation that is a maturation of ovum and its releasing from ovary. Birth control pills provide women with the highest pregnancy preventing efficiency among non-surgical fertility control methods. But, every woman should keep in mind that oral hormonal contraceptives do not protect the couple from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS. Continue reading

Birth control Yasmin


Highly efficient birth control Yasmin is familiar to many young and sexually active women. This oral contraceptive has established a reputation of a reliable medication for preventing an unplanned pregnancy. Yasmin belongs to the drug class known as ultra-low dose combination contraceptive for oral administration. Continue reading