Simple Techniques Aid Eye Drop Penetration (part 2)

One woman cut her eye with her fingernail. “So much for science,” he said.
So he has decided it is better to advise people to simply close their eyes for three minutes after applying eye drops. Since the nasolacrimal drainage system relies on the pumping action of the eyelids to remove fluids from the eye, gently closing the eyes stops the pump and keeps the medication on the eye longer, he explains.
Zimmerman says he began to look at eye medication application because many patients don’t get the full therapeutic benefits they should and often have unwanted side effects. For instance, Zimmerman complains, people often forget to put eyedrops in. In addition, topical ophthalmic drugs are often not as effective as they should be because people blink and tears carry away the medication before very much of it gets absorbed into the eye. Or, he says, patients put in two different medications, one right after the other, and the second drug washes the first away before it has time to be absorbed.

This is the reason for the unwanted side effects also, Zimmerman claims. Drops washed by the tears into the nasolacrimal drainage system eventually enter the highly vascularized nasopharyngeal cavities. Once in the bloodstream, almost all eye preparations have the potential for hazardous side effects, he says. Most advantageous shopping with best pharmacy you can choose in just a second: buy levitra super active plus buy now and find out exactly how little it could cost you to be getting your medications quick and easy.

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