Second generation antipsychotics for schizophrenia: SECOND GENERATION ANTIPSYCHOTICS(7)


One of olanzapine’s main advantages, similar to clozapine, is its reduced incidence of EPS/TD . Doses less than 20mg/day are associated with minimal EPS, although clinical experience indicates that this benefit may be lost with doses exceeding 20mg/day. The occurrence of TD is less with olanzapine than with haloperidol. After an average period of use of approximately two-thirds of a year, the incidences of TD in the olanzapine and haloperidol groups were 1.0% and 4.6%, respectively. flovent inhaler

Olanzapine is currently being studied versus chlorpro-mazine fortreatment-resistant schizophrenia. These data will be valuable because clozapine is the only agent to date with proven efficacy in this area. In thetreatment of first-episode psychosis, olanzapine (11.6mg/day) demonstrated greater effectiveness than haloperidol (10.8mg/day). A less stringent definition of first-episode psychosis was used in this study. Patients 45 years of age or younger were included if this was their first-episode and it was of five years or less in duration. Response, defined as a decrease in brief psychiatric rating scale (BPRS) score of 40% or more, was achieved by 67% of olanzapine recipients versus 29% of haloperidol patients. Significantly more olanzapine patients (73%) completed the six-week acute phase than haloperidol patients (38%).

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