Second generation antipsychotics for schizophrenia: SECOND GENERATION ANTIPSYCHOTICS(11)

Weight gain, a side effect common among atypical agents, appears to be dose-related with quetiapine use and is similar to chlorpromazine. After an average of one year, weight gain averages 12 kg with quetiapine treatment.

Preclinical studies in dogs found the development of cataracts with quetiapine use. These results were not reproducible in monkeys and other mammals tested and have not been observed in humans. However, eye examinations with an oph-thalmascope should be completed at baseline and at six-month intervals until there is greater postmarketing experience with this compound. buy ampicillin

Further research, both long term effectiveness and safety and in subpopulations, is required before the specific role of quetiapine in schizophrenia is determined. Quetiapine is appropriate for patients at higher risk of developing EPS and TD (eg, elderly patients) and for patients not tolerating or responding satisfactorily to other antipsychotics. Routine use as a first line agent cannot be recommended without further controlled and epidemiological research.

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