Recommendations for the appropriate use of anti-inflammatory drugs in the era of the coxibs: DISCUSSION

DISCUSSIONData from well designed and conducted outcome studies confirm that coxibs have a gastrointestinal tolerability profile that is safer than that of conventional NSAIDs. This improved tolerability and gastrointestinal safety are seen in both high-risk and low-risk patients. The reduced incidence of upper gastrointestinal events in patients receiving coxibs, coupled with the decreased requirement for GPA treatment, suggest that coxib therapy may be cost effective or even cost saving. However, further economic analysis is needed to evaluate this issue fully.

The availability of new anti-inflammatory agents necessitates an update of recommendations for the optimal use of current therapies and the role of gastroprotective agents. When economically possible, the use of a coxib alone is preferred to the use of conventional NSAIDs plus a gastro-protective agent to minimize risk by limiting exposure to potential gastrointestinal damage and avoiding unnecessary dual therapy. You can start online shopping right now – buy cipro online for more advantages.

The recommendations presented represent those of an expert panel, following careful consideration of the available evidence. However, guidelines cannot address all clinical scenarios and practice settings, and each case should be managed individually with appropriate clinical judgment.

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