Luteotropic Hormone Receptors: RESULTS(2)

Development of autoradiograms for periods of 2 or more weeks indicated the presence of two minor bands, one at > 6 kb and the other at 0.8 kb. Within the ovary, the probe bound to RNA from preovulatory follicles, CL, and the ovarian stroma, which contains small healthy and atretic follicles. buy ventolin inhalers

Peripheral Prolactin and Progesterone during Gestation

Mean serum progesterone levels were lowest in the control group on March 19, with the first appreciable change indicative of activation of the CL present on March 27 (Fig. 1A, p < 0.05). Mean levels remained elevated through the end of the sampling period (April 15, Fig. 1A, p < 0.01), confirming the activation of the CL of diapause in late March. Treatment of pregnant animals with bromocriptine caused a definable reduction in progesterone concentrations within 4 days of insertion of the pumps (p < 0.05). Bromocriptine treatment prevented activation of the CL as indicated by a decline in progesterone levels, first noted 4 days after insertion of the pumps (p < 0.01), that did not recover to pretreatment levels over the remainder of the experiment (Fig. 1A).

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