Luteotropic Hormone Receptors: RESULTS(1)


Mink Prolactin and LH Receptor cDNA

A 675-nt fragment of the mink prolactin receptor cDNA, corresponding to nucleotides 120-895 of the rat, human, murine, rabbit, and bovine sequences, was amplified, cloned, and sequenced (GenBank Accession #AF029294). The fragment included most of the putative extracellular and all of the transmembrane domains. It contained five cysteine residues conserved among all known prolactin receptor sequences and two potential ^-linked glycosylation sites. Northern analysis revealed that this probe hybridized with three principal transcripts, which were 3.4, 4.4, and 10.5 kb in size. buy yasmin online

A tissue distribution blot showed that the probe hybridized strongly with transcripts in the mink ovary and testes and weakly with the uterus, adrenal, kidney, and liver Within the ovary, the probe bound to RNA from CL, large preovulatory follicles, and the ovarian stroma. A 1056-nt fragment of the mink LH receptor gene, corresponding to nucleotides 1065-2115 of the rat, porcine, and human LH receptor genes, was cloned and sequenced (GenBank Accession #AF029295). This fragment included the seven putative transmembrane-spanning domains and all of the cytoplasmic portion of the gene. The mink LH receptor probe hybridized strongly with a transcript 2.4 kb in size only in the ovary and testis.

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