Local Release of Steroid Hormones: MATERIALS AND METHODS(6)


The EIA for ET-1 was performed as described previously. The standard curve ranged from 10 to 20 000 pg/ ml. The intra- and interassay CVs were 8.5% and 13.5%, respectively. asthma inhalers

Statistical Analysis

The mean hormone (P4, A, E2, PGE2, and ET-1) concentrations in the first two perfusates (first 4-h perfusion with Ringer’s solution only) were used to calculate the individual baselines because of a large variation in the absolute amount of hormones released into each of the MDS lines implanted in the various follicles. All hormone concentrations in the perfusate fractions were expressed as a percentage of the baseline levels. To simplify the view of figures, the values of the first two perfusates were pooled, and they are shown in a single column as a baseline (100%). The effects of the infused substances (LH, ET-1, TNFa, and IL-1p) on the releases of steroids, PGE2, and ET-1 were tested by comparison with the individual baselines using an analysis of variance followed by Student’s t-test. Differences were considered significant at a probability less than 5% (p < 0.05). The absolute concentrations of the hormones in the MDS fractions (mean ± SEM) are given in the figure legends.

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