Local Release of Steroid Hormones: DISCUSSION(1)

The results of the present study demonstrated that mature follicles isolated from the bovine ovary and incubated in an organ culture chamber maintained the ability to produce and release steroids, PGE2, and ET-1 into the MDS implanted in the theca layer throughout the experimental period. To select follicles that were mature, but at a stage before the LH surge, we determined concentrations of steroids, PGE2, and ET-1 in the follicular fluid. PGE2 concentration in the follicular fluid after the endogenous LH surge has been shown to be much higher than that from the pre-LH surge period in the cow. ventolin inhalers

In addition, the concentration of P4 in the follicles with high PGE2 levels was found to be higher than the concentrations from the pre-LH surge period, indicating that the luteinization of steroidogenic cells in the follicle had already started. Using the follicles from the pre-LH surge period, significant differences in the amounts of each hormone release in response to LH, ET-1, and cytokines were observed. These results show that the present in vitro MDS of bovine mature follicles was effective in maintaining the follicles’ secretory functions and their ability to respond to the stimulation of bioactive peptides.

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