Immunoregulatory Activity in Adult Rat: RESULTS(2)

The stimulatory activity of IF in the rat thymocyte proliferation assay was inhibited by an excess of human recombinant IL-lra (10 |xg/ml) (Fig. 2). This concentration of IL-lra completely inhibited the hrIL-1 (3 standard over the same dose-response range (data not shown). However, in four experiments out of a total of nine experiments, two IF pools retained a minor proportion (30-49%) of their stimulatory activity even in the presence of the IL- Ira, indicating the presence of minor amounts of lymphocyte growth-stimulating activities that could not be attributed to IL-1.

These data indicated that while bioactive IL-1 is present in testicular IF from normal adult rats, the principal action of the IF on T cells is inhibition of activation/proliferation. buy flovent inhaler

Specificity of the IF Inhibitory Activity

Cell viability was assessed using propidium iodide vital staining and flow cytometric analysis. The viability of unstimulated rat thymocytes after 72 h in culture was 36% and 32% in two experiments, 25% and 27% for PHA-stim-ulated thymocytes, and 33% and 66% in the presence of IF (10 jjlI), indicating that the inhibitory effect of IF was not due to nonspecific cytotoxicity.
Fig2Immunoregulatory activity
FIG. 2. Comparison of the effect of testicular IF on PHA-induced [3H]thymidine incorporation in the rat thymocyte proliferation assay, in the absence (open bars, open circles) or presence (solid bars, solid circles) of a maximally inhibiting dose of human recombinant IL-1 ra (10 |xg/ml). Values are mean ± SEM, n = 4 replicate wells. Values with same letter superscript are not significantly different (p < 0.05).

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