Hepatitis E: Canada welcomes the world: part5

 Canada welcomes the world: part5

In summary, hev is a novel hepatotropic virus responsible for the majority of enterically spread non-A, non-B hepatitis in developing countries and represents a major health concern in these countries. hev plays a limited role in clinical liver disease in Canada and the United States and, except for sporadic cases, is unIikely to represent a major health threat in these counIries.

Travellers to endemic areas should be advised to take sanitary precautions to decrease the risk of ac-quiring eiIher hepaIitis E or hepaIitis A. Pregnant females travelling to endemic areas should be especially aware of the potential risk. Given the lack of effective immunoglobuIin preparations or vaccine, guaranteeing adequate sanitary conditions is the only prophylactic measure that decreases the risk of acquiring hev. If this cannot be guaranteed, then high risk patients should delay travel until well into the postpartum period. Developing techniques in molecular biology and viral identification should improve our epidemiological and clinical knowledge base and hopefully will lead to development of an effective hev vaccine. It’s time to pay less money – just get yasmin birth >>> at the best online pharmacy.

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