Developmental Profile of a Caltrin-Like: DISCUSSION(1)


Protease inhibitors are ubiquitous in the genital tracts of mammals. Previously, Nicholson et al. identified a 6.4-kDa PI from mouse seminal vesicle by SDS-PAGE. Since its amino acid sequences have not been reported yet, it is assumed to be identical to P12 for the time being, considering that they are secreted from the same organ and have similar molecular size. Among the male and female genital tracts, P12 was found only in the seminal vesicle, coagulating gland, and prostate of male adults. In each of the accessory sexual glands, P12 is predominantly secreted from the luminal epithelium of mucosa folds to the lumen, where the secretion is accumulated. Apparently, P12-sperm binding to affect sperm activity should take place after ejaculation, and the removal of P12 from the cells may proceed in the uterus, according to the study of Irwin et al.. Buy Advair Diskus Online

The synthesis of some secretory proteins from male sexual glands and several aspects associated with the growth of genital tracks are androgen-dependent as are some differentiation processes. As shown, the castration of male adults results in the disappearance of P12 mRNA in the seminal vesicle, and the gene expression is restored in the sexual gland after administration of testosterone to the castrated males. This is consistent with the lack of P12 as well as its RNA message in the seminal vesicle before puberty, when serum androgen is at a low level (Fig. 5), representing a positive correlation of the androgen-dependent P12 expression in the accessory sexual gland with the animal’s maturation.

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