Circulating Concentrations of Estradiol: DISCUSSION(7)

The concentration of estradiol continued to increase between Days 5 and 7 after follicular aspiration, and this corresponded to the early portion of the growth phase of the largest follicle. buy birth control online

The concentration of estradiol increased during the selection phase of the largest ovarian follicle that developed during the first wave of ovarian follicular growth after ovulation, and peak concentrations occurred during the early portions of the growth phase of dominant follicles in postpubertal cattle. After this peak in the concentration of estradiol in blood plasma during the early portions of the growth phase, the concentration progressively decreased even though the largest follicle continued to grow in diameter for another four days. Similar data were previously reported for postpubertal cattle, with concentrations of estradiol in circulation being greater during the growth phase of first waves of ovarian follicular development of the estrous cycle than during the plateau phase of development, when the largest ovarian follicle attains maximum diameter. Data from the present study indicate that the pattern of synthesis and release of estradiol by the granulosal cells of the largest follicle during waves of ovarian follicular growth is established as early as 8 mo prepuberty.

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