Circulating Concentrations of Estradiol: DISCUSSION(3)

The concentration of FSH was elevated after aspiration of ovarian follicles and decreased between Days 0 and 5 after follicle aspiration each month prepuberty. This finding is in agreement with previous research in which unilateral ovariectomy of prepubertal cattle resulted in a transient increase in FSH, with concentrations peaking at 24 h after removal of the ovary. Cheap Diskus Advair

With unilateral ovariectomy of prepubertal cattle, the response in gonadotropin secretion to removal of the ovary depends on whether the ovary that is removed contains the large follicles, particularly the dominant follicle, that are involved in regulation of secretion of the gonadotropins. In the present study, the concentration of FSH increased between Days 5 and 8 after follicular aspiration, with this increase preceding the second increase in the number of follicles a 5 mm. These data indicate that concentrations of FSH gradually increase 2-3 days before emergence of waves of ovarian follicular development during the 8-mo prepubertal period. The peak concentration of FSH during the period of increased FSH 5-8 days after follicular aspiration was lower than the peak concentration immediately following follicular aspiration. The most likely explanation for the differences in peak concentrations of FSH was the effect of follicular aspiration on synchronizing ovarian follicular development among animals.

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