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Dysphagia due to multiple esophageal rings: DISCUSSION part2

The cause of the rings is unknown. Except for four patients who had heartburn, there have been no obvious predisposing factors such as iron deficiency, caustic ingestion, pemphigus or epidermolysis bullosa. No consistent abnormality of esophageal motility has been identified that can explain the development of rings. It has been suggested that the rings may be an unusual manifestation of otherwise occult gastroesophageal reflux.

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Dysphagia due to multiple esophageal rings: DISCUSSION part1

In 1958 Shamma’a and Benedict reported 58 patients with esophageal webs, two of them having more than one web. These two patients were women with the Plummer-Vinson syndrome; one had two webs and the other had several webs, which were in the upper esophagus. Since then there have been a further 19 patients reported with two or more esophageal webs or rings (Tables 1,2).

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Dysphagia due to multiple esophageal rings

multiple esophageal rings

SINGLE RINGS OR WEBS OF THE proximal or distal esophagus are a well recognized cause of dysphagia. Multiple rings or webs of the esophagus are very rare; only about 21 cases where dysphagia was due to more than one web or ring are reported in the English literature. This paper reports a Saudi patient with dysphagia due to multiple esophageal rings. The literature on the topic is also reviewed.

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