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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Results of Palliation of Bronchogenic Carcinoma with 198Au Implantation Using the Fiberoptic Bronchoscope

Radiation TherapyDemographic Data The study population consisted of 54 patients, 42 men and 12 women. The mean age was 62 years with a range from 35 to 84 years. Table 1 illustrates the distribution of cell types and their location. As expected, these are mainly central lesions with a squamous histology.

Radiation Therapy

Most patients received external beam radiotherapy at some point in their course. In 19 patients, this was concurrent with seed implantation. One hundred and eleven procedures were reviewed, a mean of two per patient (range one to ten). A mean of three seeds per procedure were implanted (range one to eight).


Three patients with non-small cell carcinoma received chemotherapy, all three prior to seed implantation. Chemotherapy was used prior to implantation in three of four patients with small cell carcinoma (one patient refused). One patient was treated with endobronchial laser prior to gold seed use and one following gold seed use.

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