Birth control Yasmin


Highly efficient birth control Yasmin is familiar to many young and sexually active women. This oral contraceptive has established a reputation of a reliable medication for preventing an unplanned pregnancy. Yasmin belongs to the drug class known as ultra-low dose combination contraceptive for oral administration.
This medication contains two active components that help to prevent the pregnancy. They are: ethinylestradiol and drospirenone. These ingredients are synthetic hormones similar to those produced naturaly in a female body. Their main function is to block the ovulating process and prevent a sperm from reaching an unfertilized ovum. The latter is successfully achieved by making uterine mucus thicker so that a sperm could stick in it. Besides, active ingredients of birth control Yasmin may affect the womb lining making it to reject a fertilized ovum. The latter cannot grow being unattached to the uterus wall.
As well as with any other medication, a woman must take a doctor’s recommendations most seriously and follow every piece of advice. At the reception before having Yasmin prescribed, let your gynecologist know about liver, kidney or heart diseases of any kind (including hypertension and diabetes), other medications you are taking at the moment (do not forget to mention herbal supplements), any kind of allergic reactions of your body and substances you are allergic to. This information is important just because birth control Yasmin may interact with various drugs and its effect can be reduced. And this, in its turn, increases the risk of unexpected pregnancy. Besides, the use of Yasmin is contra-indicated in people allergic to the active components or other ingredients of this contraceptive. That’s why you should have a productive and confidential talk with your doctor.
The contraceptive is available in local drugstores on prescription and can be bought on one of online pharmacies over-the-counter. Usually it comes in two possible packages: with 21 and 28 pills in each one. The first package is to be used within 21 day taking one pill a day; after it a one week break is necessary and then a new 21 pills package is to be put to use. The second variation of Yasmin package should be used in the same way but without a break. This package is supplemented with 7 additional pills which have no other function but helps you not to miss a pill. It is as clear as a day that every missed dose of birth control Yasmin may become a reason of your motherhood. You may ask a pharmacist or your gyn what to do in case of one or several missed pills.
During the first week after you begin taking this contraceptive it is advised to use the second pregnancy-preventive method (like latex condoms or spermicidal remedies) to improve the degree of protection from pregnancy. Another important fact about oral birth control medications: they never protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Do not believe publicity stunts that guarantee 100 percent protection from HIV or AIDS. It is impossible.
Birth control Yasmin is only one from a wide assortment of contraceptives women are offered today. Consult your gyn to be sure you found the suitable contraceptive. Besides, you may find a lot of information about the drug in the patient information leaflet. Look it through, just in case.

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