Benzodiazepine kinetics contribute to their differential abuse: METHODS(2)

Benzodiazepine abuse data

Data on benzodiazepine and other drug use and abuse were systematically collected for all patients admitted into the Clinical Institute of the Addiction Research Foundation (arf) with the diagnosis of benzodiazepine abuse and dependence. The arf receives referrals from Toronto and suburbs. Demographic characteristics of patients including age and sex as well as data on drug(s) of abuse, including drug name(s), dose, frequency, duration, source and withdrawal symptoms, are systematically recorded on specially designed forms. All patients included in this database met the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (dsm-iii-r) criteria of psychoactive substance dependence for benzodiazepines .

Benzodiazepine kinetics data

Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion parameters of the 10 benzodiazepines were obtained from original papers on the pharmacokinetics of these Canadian drugs.

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