Benzodiazepine kinetics contribute to their differential abuse: DISCUSSION(4)

Substance abuse

However, while benzodiazepine kinetics are among the factors influencing abuse, intrinsic pharmacological activity of a drug is probably as important. Recent work in the benzodiazepine receptor area has postulated the existence of multiple high-affinity receptors for these benzodiazepines, one mediating the anxiolytic effect and the other the sedative and muscle relaxant effects . Although it is unclear to what extent multiple benzodiazepine receptors exist and if they exist in different conformational forms, the increased awareness ofthe complexity ofthe molecular pharmacology ofbenzodiazepines has given way to an increased appreciation of possible meaningful differences among benzodiazepines with respect to their abuse and potential for abuse. One may hypothesize that their differential abuse liability may also be due to differences in their intrinsic efficacy at the gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) benzodiazepine receptor complex. Further studies with receptor selective ligands will clarify the relative contribution of kinetic and dynamic factors to benzodiazepine abuse. buy asthma inhalers

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