Asthma and pregnancy

Asthma and pregnancyAsthma is the most wide-spread respiratory disease among pregnant women, but this condition (pregnancy) can differently influence woman’s asthmatic condition. It is a common feeling that about one third of all the pregnant women have their asthma condition worsened, one third cases of asthma during pregnancy gets better ant the rest cases show no alternations.  Usually, within the first three months after the delivery the state of the woman’s health returns to its pre-gestation condition. The degree of the disease severity in any following case of pregnancy can be similar to the previous one. That’s the main reason why medical specialists observe those women, whose asthma condition has worsened during the last period of gestation.
If you treat asthma, you should continue the treatment of the disease even after becoming pregnant and during the first term. Uncontrolled asthma attacks are much more dangerous for the foetus than treatment of the disease with those medications.
The majority of asthma inhalers are considered to be safe for intake during pregnancy (including Ventolin and Becotide) and many women just continue their habitual treatment without making changes in treatment plan. These medications got FDA Pregnancy category A, B or C and can hardly da harm to the fetus. I would remind you that American Food and Drug Administration has a 5 category classification of drugs for pregnant women. Categories A, B, and C are admissible for using during the gestation and lactation periods. As for drugs of categories D and X, they are contraindicated due to high risk of abnormalities in the fetus.
But if you are going want to get pregnant, you should discuss the treatment with your doctor or a healthcare professional once again, because you will probably need your dosage or treatment plan to be corrected.
If you are among those women, whose asthma condition during pregnancy improves, you probably will be able to reduce the dosage but only after consulting the doctor. Various studies show that if you control the disease during pregnancy properly, and use asthma inhalers with preventing drug regularly, the risk of abnormalities in the foetus and negative consequences to the mother will be reduced. Women, experiencing acute asthma attacks during pregnancy, are subject to the possibility to give birth to a small-for-date newborn. This phenomenon can be connected due to oxygen starvation of the foetus because of acute asthma attacks. Although the majority of women control asthma symptoms thoroughly and the disease doesn’t influence the pregnancy and the baby’s health.
Running ahead you may be concerned about the breast-feeding while taking asthma medications. As a rule, there are no restrictions or contraindications for breast-feeding while taking asthma medications. But, it will be better if you ask your doctor.
As for the type of medications, recommended for use by pregnant women, it is better to use asthma inhalers than a remedy for oral administration. Taking inhaled medication, a woman protects her baby from unnecessary influence of the medication.
So, you may guess that asthma medications are not forbidden for taking while pregnancy, but even necessary. Follow the doctor’s recommendations and inform him about all the changes of state of health.

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