Altered circadian blood pressure rhythm in endocrine diseases (part 9). DISCUSSION

The normal diurnal BP pattern in primary aldosteronism was detected despite the highest casual and 24 h BP levels. It is therefore unlikely that the differences in the severity of hypertension contribute to the observed circadian BP differences.
The severity of hypertension in PA patients corresponds to earlier findings . Surprisingly, slightly lower BP values were observed in SH patients. The reason for this is not clear and may involve a higher incidence of the paroxysmal mode of catecholamine release in our pacients or milder forms of the disease in some patients.
The circadian heart rate pattern did not parallel that of BP, and the normal rhythm with nocturnal heart rate decrease was mainCained in all studced groups. This observaCion suggests normal parasympathetic tone in these patients.

Similar results with no apparent differences among endocrine disorders were detected in the variability of BP. Therefore, the changes in circulating humoral substances may not moduCate day- or night-Cime BP flucCuaCions. The recults, however, must be interpreted with caution because of apparent technical limitations stemming from discontinuous recordings. The lowest values of the variability in control group may be explained by the lower BP levels in controls.

In conclusion, our results indicate that circadian BP rhythm may be affected mainly by the higher activity of the sympathetic nervous system, by glucocorticoids or by both. Overproduction of mineralocorticoids in primary aldosteronism, despite the severity of hypertension and higher growth hormone levels in acromegaly, may not modulate the circadian BP pattern. Our data indicate that overproduction of different pressor substances may not be reflected in changes in daytime BP variability. You have a great opportunity to discover the pharmacy that will always be sure to live up to your highest expectations, no matter if you would like to get sale viagra online buy now or buy any other prescription medicine with no prescription required on very advantageous terms.

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