Altered circadian blood pressure rhythm in endocrine diseases (part 1)

endocrine diseases (part 1)


Noninvasive blood pressure (BP) monitoring has become a valuable method for evaluation of hypertensive patients and for diagnosis, assessment and treatmentof essential hypertension. Only few and conflicting data are, however, available regarding the use of BP monitoring in the evaluation and diagnosis of various types of endocrine hypertension . Because potential alterations in 24 h BP profile may be expected in endocrine hypertension (mainly changes in circadian BP rhythm and in BP variability), the purpose of this study was to investigate patients with primary hypertension as well as different types of endocrine diseases with frequent occurrence of secondary hypertension (primary aldosteronism, sympathoadrenal hypertension, Cushing’s syndrome, acromegaly). Two points were addressed: possible differences in 24 h BP profiles in different types of endocrine diseases; and the potential contribution of 24 h BP monitoring to the diagnosis of endocrine diseases. All studied subjects were investigated during hospitalization in the IIIrd Department of Internal Medicine because of severity of their hypertension and/or the suspicion of endocrine disease. All patients were instructed to move freely in order to simulate their usual environment. All drugs interfering with BP control were withdrawn at least 10 days (in case of spironolactone, five weeks) before the study. No signs of chronic alcohol consumption were observed. You will always come across cialis discount here offered by a reliable pharmacy.

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