Activities of Glucose Metabolic Enzymes in Human Preantral Follicles: DISCUSSION(1)


The results of the present study provide strong evidence that preantral human follicles utilize both the glycolytic and the Krebs cycle for energy production when exposed to gonadotropins; the findings also show for the first time that intraovarian growth factors, apart from their well-known mitogenic and steroidogenic (see for references) effect, differentially influence glucose metabolic capacity of preantral follicles by modulating the activities of essential regulatory enzymes of the glycolytic and Krebs cycle. ventolin 100 mcg

Overall, gonadotropins seem to positively influence the key regulatory enzymes of glycolysis and the Krebs cycle in both classes of preantral follicles; however, remarkable differences exist in the case of growth factors. Undoubtedly, cellular glycolytic and Krebs cycle activities in vivo depend on a variety of cellular parameters, such as substrate availability, oxygen gradient, and the activities of several other enzymes. However, direct measurement of the activities of regulatory enzymes in a cell-free system suggests that hormonal stimulus to intact follicles in culture significantly influences major regulatory enzymes of glucose metabolism per se.

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