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Preventive medicaments

Speaking about the medications for asthma one should understand the difference between them. Every particular remedy for asthma may affect a certain reason of an asthma attack. One type of asthma medications is prescribed for relieving an acute asthma attack (they are also known as rescue remedies) and the others work on the prevention of that attack. Flovent for Asthma is in the number of preventive medicaments belonging to the inhaled corticosteroids. Remedies of this drug class are prescribed as the remedy of the first line in case when a patient needs something more than just a fast-acting medication. Flovent, as well as other corticosteroids for inhalation, can be taken both as an independent remedy and in the complex with other long-acting steroids.
Flovent for Asthma is available in the form of aerosol inhaler and inhalation powder (Flovent Diskus). Due to the construction of inhaler and correct inhalation technique, every time a Flovent inhaler is used a certain dose of Fluticasone Propionate is to be delivered straight into the lungs where the active component starts working. This way of delivering the drug affords to get the best effect from using the medication. Flovent should not be used by patients with an allergic reaction of the body to Fluticasone or other components of the drug.
One of the most important factors for achieving the best effect while taking Flovent for asthma is correct using of the inhaler. Metered-dose inhalers are quite easy-to-use, but some patients, especially little ones, cannot use it correctly. In this case one may use a Flovent inhaler with a spacer. This plastic devise is a great help for children to breathe in the whole dose and get the best of the remedy. It would be great if a patient could try to use an inhaler to be sure in the skills. The using of inhalation powder in dry-powder Flovent inhalers is comfortable for those who dislike the presence of propellant in aerosol inhalers.
Before prescribing Flovent your healthcare provider should know some important facts about you. Inform him about all the diseases you suffer (including liver, kidney and heart diseases of any kind, high blood pressure, allergies) and medications you take (including herbal supplements). Pregnant and breast-feeding women should use the remedy with caution and only after discussing this point with the doctor in charge.
If one takes Flovent for Asthma exactly as it is recommended by a medical specialist (s)he is likely to experience slight side effect or do not feel any of them. Side effects from using Flovent inhalers include weakness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, feeling collapse, headache, weakness in muscles, worsened vision, symptoms of flu (sore throat, high fever, chills). This is not the whole list of possible side effects. Tell your doctor if they persist or bother you.
If you failed to take a scheduled dose in time, make it up as soon as you remembered but not if it is almost the time for the next scheduled dose. In case you managed to overtake the remedy, you need an emergency help.
A package with Flovent for asthma should be stored in a dark cold place where children cannot access it.

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